All About me

My name is Trudy Sjolander.
I fell in love with Jamberry at a party, placed a small order. Fell even more in love with them once I received my order and decided to have a party to get some for free. Within 2 days of my Facebook party., I decided to sign up "for the value of the kit and the "discount". I can tell you that was the best $99 I ever spent!
I never expected to really even sell the wraps, just wanted deals for myself. These things sell themselves. Everywhere I go, people comment on them and want to buy.
I sure never expected to recruit friends. Remember...I just signed up for the discount, but I already have a team of about 160 awesome ladies!
I love the product, love getting paid to have pretty nails, and love taking care of my customers and downline girls.
If you are on my site to place an order, THANKS!
If you are hereto join my team, I can't wait! You will love earning a nice check in your Jammies (if you so choose). :)



Party Date
Trudy's Spring Catalog Online Sales PartyFebruary 28, 2017
Sarah Kirk's Online Jamberry PartyMarch 1, 2017

Want to attend one of these parties? Let me know!